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"Our fellow Christians of other branches of Christ's Church, and all who love our Divine Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in sincerity, are affectionately invited to the Lord's Table" (BCP pg. 105).

At Trinity, Holy Communion at the Lord's Table is central to our worship and the source of all we do. It defines our relationships, strengthens our souls, and comforts us amid the realities and challenges of Christian living.

Our typical Sunday worship includes both Old Testament and New Testament readings as well as a reading from the Gospels. We follow the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and sing traditional hymns throughout the service.

We invite you to experience traditional Anglican worship and biblical preaching and instruction with us.

Happings At Trinity REC

Upcoming Holy Days and Celebrations
Trinity Season: The latter half of the Church Year has sometimes been called the “Festival-less Half of the Year” in contrast with the first half which contains all the Great Festivals. Trinity is not without its festivals however, and is a time of faith revealed in all its fundamentals; a living, working, loving faith; a period pre-eminently practical in application. This new season calls us to live according to the great truths and themes of our faith rehearsed in our trip through the first half of the church calendar.
The Fall Ember Days are Wednesday, September 20, Friday, September 22, and Saturday, September 23. Ember days are a special time of prayer, fasting, spiritual renewal and have come to include an emphasis on the increase of ministry. Please join the Church in prayer and fasting during these special days. We will include prayers for Jim and Francine.

Wednesday, Sept. 20 at Trinity REC:
Morning Prayer, 8:00 AM, 20 minutes
Noon Prayers, 20 minutes
Wednesday Evening Cookout, 6:00 PM. We will break our fast together.
Evening Prayer, 7:30 PM

Friday and Saturday, Sept. 22-23 in our homes:
Read the appointed scriptures including the Collect, Epistle, and Gospel, BCP pg. 276,
Prayer for Unity BCP pg. 57,
Prayer for Meeting of Ecclesiastical Bodies (especially for the Diocese of the Central States Synod) BCP pg. 57,
Prayer for Pastors BCP pg. 59.

Trinity Church Introduction Video

Trinity REC is located at
5920 Butler-Warren Road
Mason, Ohio 45040.

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