Christian Education at Trinity Church

Sunday School - 9:30 AM Sundays

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Sunday school classes can range from overview studies of the Bible, studying particular books of the Bible, studying the prayers of the Book of Common Prayer, studying the importance of ritual and why we do what we do, and studying particular church issues and doctrine. Bp. Manto or one of our clergy leads the class. We will occasionally have guest speakers. Depending on the topic Sunday school is appropriate for the whole family. When particular topics are discussed, we make appropriate arraignments. Coffee is provided.

Mr. Mark Buchheit leads the teens in the Teen Church School. Teen Church School's current topic is Proverbs and God's Calling Israel.

Fr. Truax leads the Children's Sunday School, which includes a preview of the Sunday Gospel lesson as well as discussions and activities related to the Church Calendar.

Women's Retreat - Generally held at the beginning of the year

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The Women's Retreat is an overnight that includes Morning and Evening Prayer, a guest speaker and particular study often at a location such as the Transfiguration Spirituality Center.

New Members and Inquirers' Class

These classes are held as needed covering the basics of our faith and parish life. Bp. Manto leads these classes. Feel free to contact Bp. Manto for more information.